Why Outsource?

Improve your profitability and service levels.

Outsourcing fulfillment is efficient. Businesses can improve profitability by containing costs and leveraging economies of scale. Partnering with LMS enables a business to turn fixed costs for warehousing, staffing, systems and overhead into efficient variable costs. In addition to saving money, LMS is agile and can scale to your changing needs. When your order volume fluctuates, your customers receive the same consistent level of service.

Increase your strategic focus.

By outsourcing fulfillment you will also increase your business focus. Instead of handling products and managing orders your team can focus on strategic priorities like new product development, marketing, sales and CRM.


What We Do.

We expertly act on your behalf.

LMS provides fulfillment services for small and large companies alike. The common element is high touch – all orders are pulled, packaged and processed by people’s hands on a daily basis.

We build solutions to meet your needs.

Essential components of Order Fulfillment include Inventory Management, Order Management and Quality Control. We engage our clients to build unique solutions for their businesses with an eye on scalable efficient processes for daily production.

We handle several types of fulfillment.

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Retail Products
  • eCommerce Fulfillment
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Samples Management
  • Marketing Materials Distribution
  • Project Based and Seasonal
  • Corporate Event Support


How We Do It.

We begin with your requirements.

LMS selects clients based on our ability to meet and exceed expectations. Our success is tied to yours. We will learn about your business and scope requirements. The onboarding process takes a few days to a few weeks depending on our joint plans.

We aim to exceed your expectations.

In a sustaining mode we will measure and report activities, work to increase efficiency and look for opportunities to help you meet and exceed your goals. We have expertise in design, product marketing and sales enablement and welcome the opportunity to add value to your supply chain with proficiency in global distribution, forecasting and vendor sourcing.


We offer multiple services for inventory management and replenishment purchasing. Services include receiving goods into our warehouses, physical inspection, tracking, serialization, re-packaging, labeling, scanning and confirming new receipts into your online inventory. With our online inventory control system, we can help you develop and administer a customized program that will streamline your inventory management. Options include LMS maintaining inventory in your online store; contributing to forecasts; establishing restocking levels; and replenishing on your behalf. In all cases, your inventory is owned by you.


We can integrate into an existing system or create one.

LMS supports multiple options for Order Management. We can integrate into your existing system or create one together. On a daily basis we receive consumer and wholesale orders from multiple channels by way of proprietary EDI systems, e-Bay, Amazon, Groupon and a number of online shopping carts. We also receive orders by email, spreadsheet and facsimile. LMS will work with you to establish service levels that are right for your customers.

We have extensive value added services.

  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Same day shipping
  • Branded packing lists per order
  • e-Mail confirmation per order with tracking
  • e-Commerce design and development
  • Packaging design
  • Packaging procurement
  • Social marketing programs


LMS maintains a secure facility 24/7 including a monitored alarm system so your products stay safe. Our warehousing and fulfillment processes leverage technology integration to insure inventory and order accuracy. From point of sale to picking, packing and shipping, each order is checked for accuracy four times by at least two people. We understand our work represents your business.

Our facility is registered with the FDA for ambient storage and labeling food for human consumption and food for animal consumption.