Kitting & Complex Assembly

If your package includes several components from one or several suppliers, LMS will receive each component; kit and hand assemble the package; store the inventory in our secure warehouse; and ship out on demand. LMS will expertly hand assemble, label, sort, insert, fold, glue, stamp, stick, pack and shrink-wrap products, promotional items, and / or literature packs to your specific requirements.

Services may be one time projects, seasonal or ongoing. We can build unique kits of products with dynamic data or package and distribute hundreds of thousands of the same item. As a part of a kitting project we can build databases for marketing events or work with a mail house to plan and execute the efficient delivery of your program. Our Media and Order Fulfillment services fit well with Kitting & Assembly.

Kitting & Assembly add efficiency to Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

Kitting helps companies keep inventory levels lower and ensure materials and products are available for production and customer delivery. Kitting can increase throughput in pick and pack operations by reducing the amount of time assemblers are moving to pack kits per order. There are also benefits to quality found in the systematic approach kitting adds to building an order. The repetitive work can be streamlined along with quality control.